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Holy Eucharist & Sunday School 10am

The Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church is the "middle way" between Roman Catholic and Protestant traditions.

Progressive Roman Catholics looking for freedom of conscience often find a home in the Episcopal Church:

  • Our liturgy is similar

  • We ordain women as well as men to the sacred orders

  • We support the inclusion of all people

Protestants of many different traditions find a home in the Episcopal Church if they are seeking a deeper sacramental expression of their faith where:

  • the Holy Eucharist is the principle act of worship on Sundays

  • there is a deep-rooted tradition of prayer and spirituality


Epiphany Episcopal ChurchChurch of the Epiphany

Today we are a parish of about 130 friendly, diverse, and generous people. We are traditional and progressive, believers and seekers who like being together. We extend a wide path in what can feel like a narrow world.