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Calendars and Schedules

Parish Calendar

The Parish Calendar is prepared as a file that you may view in your browser or may download for your convenience.  It is prepared in pdf format, and requires Adobe Reader, a free plug-in from Adobe that can be downloaded here.

June 2017

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Fellowship Calendar 2016 - 2017

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July Rota

Head Usher: Dan Beears

Altar Guild: Cyrus Regis

July 2  Pentecost 4

Chalice/Reader: Darlynne Zgodinski
Chalice: Dan Hinde
Prayers: Chari Hettinger
Elements: The Pelima Family
Ushers: Lisa Terry-Wanzo & Ray Mandato
Coffee Hour: Nancy Geiger & Rev. Hughes

July 9  Pentecost 5

Chalice/Reader: Chari Hettinger
Chalice: Ray Mandato
Reader: Doug Fry
Prayers: Bill Spencer
Elements: Helen Allison & Elaine Murphy
Ushers: Asu Pelima & Andreas Moshogianes
Coffee Hour: Carol Braunschweig & Lisa Terry-Wanzo

July 16  Pentecost 6

Chalice/Reader: Joanne Matthews
Chalice: Robert Thompson
Reader: Andreas Moshogianes
Prayers: Asu Pelima
Elements: Children
Ushers: Doug Fry & Delorean Neal
Coffee Hour: Helen Allison & Elaine Murphy

July 23  Pentecost 7

Chalice/Reader: Carolyn Beears
Chalice: Ann Hemphill
Reader: Nancy Geiger
Prayers: Doug Cheadle
Elements: Sheilah & Andreas Moshogianes
Ushers: Cyrus Regis & Doug Cheadle
Coffee Hour: Jerry & Darlynne Zgodinski

July 30  Pentecost 8

Chalice/Reader: Bob Kinison
Chalice: Cheryl Kelly
Reader: Polly Shilander
Prayers: Betty Morvaji
Elements: Dorothy Blaha & Sandy Payne
Ushers: Ray Mandato & Ann Hemphill
Coffee Hour: Sheilah Moshogianes &