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Holy Eucharist & Sunday School 10am

The Episcopal Church in the City of Euclid

Dear Friends in Christ,

Epiphany. It is the good news of God shared with the breadth of creation, the depth of humanity, the dizzying glory born into a manger, the crossroads of heaven and earth. It is disorienting and glorious. It takes a moment to apprehend, in all humility, the enormity of what God has done in this tiny moment, this humble setting, this infant that almost went unnoticed.

God’s revelation to some was a worry to others.

What would it mean for their power and privilege if they had to cede some glory to God – and not only to God, but to a child, made in God’s image, its life revered as though born to royalty?

What would it mean if the revelation of God were not reserved to a select few people, but as clear as day, shining from the heavens like a star, for foreigners to follow, even to find first?

What would it mean if anyone, anyone could become the revelation of God’s will and love for the world?

May the Epiphany unsettle us this season to see with new eyes the signs of God around us, interpreted unfamiliar visitors, received by dreamers, crosswise to the expected order of everyday life.

May the signs of God’s grace bless you with an epiphany, a revelation of the ever-faithful, always surprising magnificence of the love of God made manifest in Christ Jesus.

Rosalind +